Japanese Paper Marbling

Japanese Paper Marbling


Our Paper Marbling SLA Kit is appropriate for kids ages 6 to 96 :)

Learn the ancient craft of Japanese Paper Marbling through our comprehensive portable kit that can go anywhere!

Marbling Kit includes:

-2 (reuseable) Paint Brushes

-Foil Tin (for water)

-Paint Mixing Tray

-6 Japanese Inks (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black)

-Color Wheel

-Japanese Rice Paper (for printing)

-(2) Greeting Cards

-(2) Greeting Card Envelopes

-Instruction manual including details about our Microbe inspiration and the history of Japanese Marbling

Other materials you will need not included:

-Water (for foil tin)

-Paper Towel

- Cups of Water to Clean Brushes

-Scissors (for card making)

-Glue (for card making)

*We suggest beginning this activity inside. The wind will alter results but experimenting outdoors is encouraged!

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