Rene williams - owner/artist

We are a botanist and an artist couple that has been married for 30 years.  Beginning our 3rd international sabbatical and leaving our property with our family and Ivy as we look forward to sharing science and art discoveries through social media from Australia and Switzerland. (4th Street and SLA Instagram and FB)

A little background….  We gave up “the life” 18 years ago and moved from our crazy life in Tucson (where I owned a CPA practice and David was working towards tenure) to a small village in France with our 3 young boys.   We sold our house, cars and just about everything else.  That year my love for art, cooking, history and architecture came to life.

Combining architecture with art I began an adventure to my BFA with sculpture and metalsmithing as my focus. Learn more about my artwork on my website

Creating Science Loves Art with some science collaborators during a 1 year grant was transforming as more collaborations were created through the years.  Science Loves Art has become a nonprofit and having 4th Street Studios as a place for science and art to call home is a dream come true!

René (and David!) Williams


ivy thompson - program director

Hi! My name is Ivy and I’m the Program Director for Science Loves Art based in 4th Street Studios. I’m here to meet you, make you comfortable and guide you through your art experience. Originally from the east coast, I spent the first 10 years of my adult life studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology and working in the fast paced fashion industry of New York City. The concrete jungle gave me the travel bug and I soon found myself volunteering in Peru for a non-profit: teaching indigenous weavers how to use industrial sewing machines while picking up a major addiction for fiber arts. My volunteer gig turned into a full-time position, and I spent the following year exploring the Andes Mountains while managing 4 weaving/knitting cooperatives and overseeing a team of resident designers. Settling in Laramie has fed my need for mountains and community. 4th Street Studios and Science Loves Art is an opportunity to gather, experiment, and learn from each other. I often work out of the studio and hope you’ll stop by to say hello and check out our beautiful space!